Day 11: Independent Hill to Fredericksburg

Last night, I slept a solid nine hours in my new sleeping bag. After eating some beef jerky and dried fruits for breakfast, I head out on the road around 7:30.

Rise and shine!

I followed the route on my phone the entire day. Hoping there would be a cafe or a restaurant to get a proper breakfast or lunch, I’ve successfully encountered none. Around 11 AM, I stopped at Willowmere Park in Stafford to cook two packages of ramen I had been carrying. I also learned how to use my stove for the first time. After lunch, I felt so tired. Instead of keep riding, I laid on the grass next to my bike and took a nap. I didn’t leave the park until 1 PM.

Ramen time!

There weren’t any shoulders to ride on for the most part. I was extra careful on the downhills to not go too fast. I made good time and got to Fredericksburg around 4:30 PM. I had an early dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Fortune Gourmet. For the rest of the time, I tried to look for a cheap hotel to stay since none of the Warmshowers hosts I asked can host me tonight. I ended up finding a park and camped out.

The road towards Fredericksburg

Downtown Fredericksburg

Camping out in a park

I feel like biking this much has help me to become more fit. I last weighed myself at Adrian’s place and I’m at 161 pounds, nine pounds lighter when I first started riding. I’m also not as stiff as I used to be. My allergies has been really bad, though. I kept on rubbing my eyes. But I brought a month supply of allergy pills so I think I should be fine.

Here’s to another night camping!