Route Map

My bicycling route across the United States
Above are the routes I will be taking on my bicycle trip to go across the United States.

I will start in Conshohoken, PA, hop on the Atlantic Coast bicycle route towards Richmond, VA. This section (green) is 368.5 miles long. Then I will get on the TransAmerica Trail and go west for about 2489.5 miles to Pueblo, CO (orange). Once I get there I'll be jumping on the Western Express for 1582 miles all the way to San Francisco, CA (red). If I have time and still feel like riding then I'll go on the Pacific Coast bicycle route to Imperial Beach, CA (blue) for 633 miles. The total distance is 5073 miles, give or take.

If I ride for 60 days, I need to average 84.55 miles per day. That's very optimistic. If I ride for 90 days, I need to average 56.37 miles per day. I feel like that's more reasonable. However, if I ride for 77 days with 13 days of rest (I rest every 6 days), I would need to average 65.88 miles per riding day. That's what I'll be aiming for on this trip. Of course, I'll be starting slow. Maybe 40 miles on the first day and increasing as I go.

My start date is some time during the week of April 9th. I'm thinking of April 12th if weather permitting. Once my trip is over, I'll be shipping my bicycle back to Philadelphia and I'll be taking the train back to the "City of Brotherly Love."

That's the plan so far. As with anything, plans can change. One possibility is to take the plane to Hawaii after I reach California since I've never been there. We'll have to see.