Cycle Around the World - Route Map

Today is my last working day in the office and tomorrow will be my last work day officially. The reason I'm leaving my job is to cycle around the world, which is a goal of mine for a long time. I had written about my inspirations for traveling in 2018 when I was starting my cycling journey across America. This time there are more people who inspired me. This includes Tim Millikin, whom I met in 2018 and cycled from Reading, UK, to Reading, PA. There is also Heinz Stücke, who cycled around the world multiple times in a 50+ year span starting in the 1960s. I'm not the first one and I won't be the last one to cycle around the world.

My around the world tour includes an Appetizer and a Main Course. The Appetizer is a cycling journey down from King of Prussia, PA, to Gainesville, FL, for a friend's wedding on May 13. I will be leaving on March 20 and will most likely follow the East Coast Greenway route all the way down to Florida from Philadelphia. Along the way, I will meet up with my cycling buddy Crispin Schamp in North Carolina and ride with him for a few days.

East Coast Greenway. My route is highlighted in red.

After the wedding, I plan to cycle to Miami and ship my bicycle to Long Island, NY, since I will be attending my grandmother's memorial dinner there on June 10. After the memorial service, I will begin the Main Course of cycling around the world.

I will either continue to use the East Coast Greenway map or switch to the Atlantic Coast map from Adventure Cycling Association to get to Canada. Since I've never been to Quebec City, I will go there and start my west bound journey across Canada. Once I reach Vancouver, I will go south on the West Coast to Mexico, then cycle down to Central and South Americas. I might finish this part in Santiago, Chile, or Ushuaia, Argentina. This will take more than a year to accomplish and will be the first part of my around the world journey.

The first part of my journey: Americas

The second part will start in Australia. I want to cycle in Southeast Asia as well and will most likely spend more time there as a tourist before taking a plane to Europe and finish my journey. The route for the Eurasia part is hard to determine right now. I will include a better update after I finish the first part of my trip.

The second part of my journey: Eurasia

During this trip, I want to be flexible. I might do some WWOOFing in Australia or housesit some where and really explore a particular area. I also want to be open minded since I might only do something like this once in my life.


  1. Best of luck! Will be looking forward to your posts!


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