Taipei, Part 2: Days 27 to 32

The main bulk of my photography website is completed as of now. For the past few days I took it easy and walked to my favorite park in Taipei, Daan Park. I also tried to carry my newly bought camera out as much as I can to capture some architecture reflection photographs. Taipei is not like New York City so there aren't as many skyscrapers. Spotting the type of photos I want to capture is more like hunting treasures.

I had some doubts about launching my website, because I think my work is not good enough and that no one will buy any of my photos. I think it's a thought many artists struggle with. I decided I will purchase the web hosting service when it comes due so I'll have a year to see if I can sell anything. If I sell enough photos to cover the cost of the web hosting and my camera then I'll be satisfied. Anything more will fund my travels. Finally, I have a goal for traveling: to take more abstract architecture reflection photographs.

Two days ago, Dora, the girl from Couchsurfing whom I had met previously, along with her friends, Ven and Andrew, and I went on a one day road trip to the northeast of Taipei. We visited a waterfall in Shifen, Jiufen old street, a natural hot spring, and a couple of overlooks that had great views of Taipei. It was the break that I needed from days of working previously.

I will leave Taipei on the morning of January 23 for Manila, the Philippines. Not sure what I'll do in the next three or four days in Taipei. I don't think I need to plan anything, I should just go with the flow. I need to enjoy my time and my freedom now. I may not have it again depending on what the future brings.

Shifen waterfall

Waterfall with rainbow

View from Jiufen

Jiufen old street

Me, Dora, Andrew, and Ven at the natural hot spring

Sunset over Taipei

Clouds and sunset

Taipei cityscape at night