Yesterday, Chris and I spent the day walking around Haiphong after checking out of the homestay at 11 AM. We took a stroll along the nearby river. The sidewalk was very wide and had no traffic so it was a pleasure walking by the river.

Chris had to buy some medicine at a pharmacy because of a stomach issue that he's been having recently, then we had burgers and fried chicken at Lotteria, a fast food chain. The food reminded me of America. After walking on the other side of the river, we chilled at a cafe for a long time, just relaxing. I bought a banh mi sandwich and had it for dinner before we went to the train station to take the 6:40 PM train back to Hanoi. We will be in Hanoi for three days.

A market in Haiphong

Walking along the river

Old buildings

Chris trying to find out the flower's name

Another old building

The rich and the poor

Sculptures on the bridge that's built in 50 days

Chilling at the cafe

Walking back to the homestay

Some historical figure, I suppose.


  1. Isn't that Ho Chi Minh? How are you feeling about hanging out in Vietnam? Is the weather still humid?

    1. No, this is Haiphong. I just arrived in HCMC last night. The weather is more humid in HCMC compared to Hanoi in the north. I like Vietnam, but I don't like the traffic. I can't see myself living in Vietnam long term.

    2. I meant your comment on the "some historical figure" or were you being sarcastic. :-)

    3. I don't know who that is, maybe it is HCM. Most likely.


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