Nara: Day 1

In the morning, I went to a coffee shop called Aka Tombo, meaning the red dragonfly. The owners are a Japanese/Australian couple. Their daughter was going to school in Osaka so they moved from Australia to Japan and opened a coffee shop. I enjoyed their matcha cappuccino and egg sandwich. The owner suggested a walking route that I should do in Nara Park. I followed it to Kasuga Taisha, where the stone lanterns lined the paths, Todai-ji Nigatsudo to get a good view of Nara, and Yoshikien Garden.

Egg sandwich and match cappuccino at Aka Tombo

To Nara Park

A stand selling deer biscuits

Interesting sign since I don't know Japanese

Stone lanterns

More stone lanterns lined the path

Gate to a temple

"I'm just chilling here."

Deer posing in front of a temple gate.

More deer and more lanterns

Todai-ji Hokkedo (The March Hall)

Up the stairs for a good view

View of temples and the city of Nara

From the Todai-ji Nigatsudo (The February Hall)

The walls of Nara Park

Detail of the roof

Don't know what this is, but it looks cool.

Yoshikien Garden

Yoshikien Garden tea house

Caution: deer

Tonkatsu for dinner - fried pork cutlets