Nara: Day 0

I arrived in Nara in the late afternoon. The weather forecast indicated rain in the upcoming days. I decided to see the Kofuku-ji Temple and Todai-ji Temple, where Japan's biggest Buddha statue is located. As it turns out, there was also a light festival in Nara as well.

There are candles inside these bamboo containers.

The pagoda by the Kofuku-ji Temple

Kofuku-ji Temple

Another temple

People lighting incense before a prayer

One of many deer in Nara Park

Another photo of the pagoda

Nara National Museum

Candle lights by the Nara National Museum


Many food stalls on my way to Todai-ji Temple to see the Buddha statue

The main gate to Todai-ji Temple

One of two giant wooden sculptures underneath the main gate

The other statue

More lights

Todai-ji Temple

Todai-ji Temple close-up with the Buddha's head

Todai-ji Temple again

The giant Buddha

Giant Buddha from the side

Another Buddha

More statues

Another one

Another view of the Buddha before leaving the temple

View of Todai-ji Temple across the pond

My late night snack