Day 26: Rest Day in Dunn

Today is yet another rest day. I woke up around 5:30 AM and went to Sherry’s Bakery at 7 since that’s the only place open. I had a light breakfast consisted of an egg, sausage, hash browns, and coffee. The whole meal was under $7. You can’t beat that!

All quiet in the morning in Dunn

I didn’t know what do afterward so I walked back to the mission. I didn’t have a keycard so I sat in the back. James came out soon after and gave me a keycard for the back door. I really appreciated his hospitality.

I talked on the phone with Merritt for over an hour and half to catch up on things. Then I changed the oil for the internal gear hub on my bike. I drained the old oil then replaced it with the new, but I skipped the step where I’m supposed to wash the gears with the oil. I figured I did a good job draining all the oil and it’ll be a waste to use more oil to wash the gears then fill it up again. Plus, screwing the syringe nozzle onto the hub was a delicate and slippery process that I didn’t want to do again. This oil change should last 5000 kilometers, or a little over 3000 miles.

First time changing the oil

After completing the oil change, I walked to the Broad Street Deli and Market to have a chicken salad sandwich for lunch before going to the library.

I’m still deciding which Florida city to fly out of to New York City for my grandma’s memorial service in June. Also, I was planning what to do after my friend’s wedding on May 13. Do I want to cycle the east coast of Florida and end at Miami or do I want to make a loop and leave from Orlando to fly to New York? I’m still undecided.

I took a break from the library and walked back to the mission. After sorting out some things with my panniers, I decided to come back to the library to write this post. I guess today is truly a rest day since I didn’t do much at all. It’s more of a planning day for me.

Today is mostly sunny except for some rain in the morning. It might rain again tonight, though. The weather forecast had indicated thunderstorm the whole day, but that didn't happen.

I will grab dinner soon, then head back to the mission. I'm so grateful for James and the Beacon Rescue Mission. Tomorrow, I'll be cycling to Fayetteville. I don't have a place to stay since all three Warmshowers hosts either couldn't host or didn't reply, and the Airbnbs are bit too expensive for me. I'll have to try my luck again.


  1. An Englishwoman I met while I was riding through Kansas had the same set up as you with the internal gear hub. Unfortunately, she forgot the syringe part so she didn't change her oil at all over the 4200+ miles on the TransAm. Hope you find a good place to stay in Fayetteville.

    1. Wow! I hope she didn't damage her hub. I'd be worried while riding.


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