A Shift in Focus

Well, according to the frequency of my blog posts in the past couple of months it looks like I have little interest in writing about FIRE and minimalism.

Maybe I'm just being a minimalist for writing less or maybe it's my laziness, I've reached a point where I feel enough has been written and anything else is just excess. My journey to FIRE and minimalism still continues. I'm just at such a passive state where I'm coasting, literally.

I reached coastFIRE this month, meaning that I can let my investments grow to my retirement age without putting in another earned penny and will have enough money to retire at 65. I just have to earn enough to cover my monthly expenses until then. This means I can choose to work in a less paying job and be fine. However, my goal is still to reach my FIRE number of $500K so I can have the option to retire early. I project that day will come in two to three years as I continue to save and invest around 70% of my take home pay in Vanguard ETFs, such as VTI, MGK, VGT, etc.

With regard to minimalism, I've been living a minimalistic life for a long time now. I didn't even know that term existed back then. My goal is still to continue sell and donate the things I don't use. I will keep the things that bring me joy, sentimental value, and utility while buying only the things I need. I view this as a lifestyle and it's a continuous journey.

I don't really know what I'll write on here. Perhaps I will have some occasionally financial updates when I reach certain FIRE milestones. Or maybe I'll write something completely different to amuse myself and you as well. I certainly don't want this website to be work for me. It's just a hobby.

I'll leave you with some websites by other FIRE bloggers and minimalists, as they served as inspirations for me over the past year or so.

A short list of FIRE blogs that I enjoy:

A shorter list of minimalism blogs: