Honolulu: Day 6

Yesterday, I didn’t do much in terms of activities. For lunch, I had an acai bowl at ALO Cafe Hawaii. An acai bowl is a fruit bowl with smoothie on the bottom. Just what I needed since I haven’t been eating too many fruits.

Acai bowl

In the afternoon, I met up with a woman named Gigi around 2:15 PM at the Holey Grail Donuts. I had met Gigi in 2015 when I lived in New York City at the time. I saw her again on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel and reached out.

Gigi moved to Honolulu in 2018. This is where her family is and where she grew up. I didn’t feel a romantic connection with her and I think we can be friends if I do move to Hawaii some time in the future. It was great to socialize with Gigi and pass away the time. She recommended a restaurant called L&L Hawaiian Barbeque that’s around the corner for some kalua pork. That’s the last dish on my list that I wanted to try.

After parting with Gigi I went over there and ordered a combination plate of kalua pork and pork lau lau. Kalua pork is basically shredded pork and pork lau lau is pork wrapped in leaves. There was a lot of food but I finished all.

Kalua pork and pork lau lau

I took the bus back to the hostel then had food coma so I slept for about an hour and half. I thought about going to the beach one last time, but I was too tired.

Today, I will take the bus to the airport around 9 AM. My flight to Tokyo is at 1:15 PM via a budget Japanese airline called Zipair. They haven’t emailed me my ticket yet so I have to get my ticket at the counter. I hope things will go smoothly, but I have a feeling something might go wrong. I know worrying will not do anything. I should learn to stop worrying so much and enjoy my travels more.