Cycling Logistics

A friend suggested on Facebook that I should do a post about logistics since I'm cycling around the world. Well, here it is.


  • Power bank (20100 mAh) - I will use this when I can't find an outlet.
  • Power strip - If there is only one outlet I can still charge all my devices.
  • No solar panel - I'm not bringing one because that's an extra item to carry and a bit fragile. I also don't think I need it as long as my power bank has enough power.

Cell Phone

  • Google Pixel 5A - This is my primary phone. I currently use Ting Mobile as my phone service in the US. When I'm near the Canadian border I will switch to Google Fi since it works in over 150 countries with free texting. Calling will cost around 10 cents per minutes depending where I call.
  • Google Pixel 2 - This is my primary navigation device and has all the navigation apps. It can also serve as a backup phone in case I need it.


  • Google One cloud backup - I will not be bringing an external hard drive. I mainly take photos and a few videos so I think Google One cloud storage will be enough to have my photos backed up in the cloud.
  • USB thumb drives - I'm bringing two of them just in case I run low on the storage on my MacBook Air, which has only 256 GB of space. I can dump some files onto those thumb drives for backup.


  • Credit cards - I carry two credit cards, one is Visa and the other is Mastercard. They both have no foreign transaction fees.
  • Debit card - I use Charles Schwab debit card for any ATM withdrawals. It has no ATM fees.
  • Venmo - I have a Venmo account for the people who also use Venmo.

Travel Insurance


  • Warmshowers - I will use this extensively to find hosts. It is both a website and an app.
  • Hostels - The app/website that I'll use to find hostels in cities is HostelWorld.
  • Camping - If I can't find an indoor place to stay then I will just camp at a local park or at a camping ground.


  • - I downloaded the East Coast Greenway map on app and will use it to cycle on the east coast of US.
  • Bicycle Route Navigator - This is an app where I can buy the digital version of the Adventure Cycling maps. It also comes with some free bicycle maps.
  • Google Maps - I will use this to navigate in major cities and get to my Warmshowers hosts' place.
  • Komoot - I haven't used this app yet, but I have it downloaded on my phone just in case.


  • I have music on my Pixel 5A and laptop, but will not listen to music while cycling on the road. I'd rather hear the traffic than listen to music.
  • I brought a set of wired earbuds in case I do want to listen to some music when I'm relaxing.

Bike Maintenance

  • Shimano SG-S700 - Since my Priority Apollo uses an internal gear hub and a carbon belt rather than a derailleur and a chain, I'm carrying five 50 ML bottles of oil so I can do the oil changes every 5000 KM (~3000 miles). The first oil change is after 1000 KM (~600 miles). Here's a YouTube instructional video on changing the oil.
  • Gates carbon belt - I carry a spare 118 CDX belt folded according to this YouTube video. The belt lasts about 30,000 KM (19,000 miles).
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires - I will change to these tires when I'm closer to Canada as these tires are considered the best for bicycle touring. Right now, I have the stock tires that came with the bike.
  • Tube repair kit - This is a must have in case of flats.
  • Spare tubes - I'm carrying two spare tubes.


  • Trail mix, power bars, beef jerky, ramen - These are my go-to food/snacks while cycling.
  • Stove and fuel canisters - I use these to cook ramen.
  • Iodine pills - I never had to use them, but I think they are necessary when I need clean water in parts of the developing world or in the wild.
  • LifeStraw - This is a water filter straw that I can use to drink water. I haven't used it yet, but I think it's good to have.

Medication, Vitamins, and First Aid

  • Medication - I have enough supply to last me a little over two years. If I need more I'll just have to find a doctor who will be able to prescribe the medication. Hopefully, that happens in a developed country.
  • Vitamins - I will be carrying vitamin B-12 and fish oil. Though I'm not sure if I really need them.
  • First aid kit - This is very important and I have made my own that includes bandages, pain killers, bug repellent, allergy pills, etc.