My Quest to Live Financially Free in a Minimalistic Manner

The road to financial freedom and minimalism
The road to financial freedom and minimalism

Today, I'm documenting my first step in a long journey to own fewer things, to limit my expenses in order to achieve financial freedom, and to live in a sustainable way.

Why am I doing this? Simply put, this is my protest against all that is wrong with society.

Income inequality has gotten so bad in the United States that it actually makes me feel weak, so weak that I feel it's futile to work and achieve success in the corporate world. I want to reach a financial state where I don't have to depend on a paycheck for a living. I want to work for the joy of working. So far, I'm not at that financial state. This is my professional and financial goal.

I also want to do my part to stop hurting the earth by stop consuming so much materialistic things. I don't want possessions to own me and I don't want companies to exploit the earth's natural resources so I can buy the newest electronics, the newest clothing, etc. I want to minimize my consumption and live with fewer things every year. This doesn't mean I stop spending all together, this means I need to be more conscientious of which companies I support when I do need to possess certain things. This is my lifestyle goal.

With these two goals, I hope to achieve financial freedom and minimalism in a few years. I know I can do it in ten years if I keep living the way I do now, but I want to do better. I want to challenge myself and see if I can accomplish this by the time I turn 40, which is about three years from now.

If you have been inspired by the recent minimalism and FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement, I encourage you to follow my blog. I've been reading and watching so many minimalists and FIRE advocates that I think it's very possible for me to achieve the same thing and be in the same rank as those who have succeeded. Join me by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button at the top and follow me. I'd be glad to take you with me on this journey.