Day 63: Telluride and Ridgway

Yesterday morning, I was the first one up. After writing my blog post, I didn’t know what to do around the house since everyone is still asleep. I decided to try the other half of the weed gummy. Raymi came in soon after to pick up some of her things. We decided to walk to Baked in Telluride, a bakery that sells bagels and such. I bought three everything bagels and vegetable cream cheese. Raymi had to go somewhere so I came back home with the bagels.

Soon, everyone got up. We ate our bagels and packed up for the boating trip. Around 10 AM, we left the house. Zak drove his pickup truck that has the boat attached to it all the way from Telluride to Ridgway. In downtown Ridgway, we stopped by the grocery store and picked up some snacks. I bought a pack of Klondike bars and some vegetable chips. We ate the Klondike bars on the way to Ridgway State Park, where the lake is.

After putting the boat in the water, Zak drove it to the middle of the lake. I like to relax on the boat since I’m not a good swimmer anyway. Zak and Sarah waterskied for a bit. I took some videos of them. For lunch, Sarah made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I just can’t believe that I’m relaxing in the middle of a lake on my bicycle trip. I feel so blessed.

On the boat

Beautiful clouds

Me driving

Mandatory selfie

We stayed on the lake for about three hours. When the boat’s propeller got damaged, Zak drove the boat back to shore. Zak also hurt his back while waterskiing so we thought it’s time to go home. I felt sleepy on the ride to the lake and on the way back. Sarah thinks it’s the weed gummie that caused me to be sleepy. I think she might be right.

When we got back to Telluride we saw the mountains to be smoky. There is a wildfire south of us near Rico and the smoke blew over here.

Smoky mountains

Sarah and I decided to walk to Clark’s Market, the nearest grocery store, to buy some readymade food for dinner since all the restaurants here are so expensive. I bought a rotisserie chicken and some cole slaw. I ate all of the chicken and only had a little cole slaw left over that I’ll eat the next morning. Soon after, I had food coma and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up at 5:45. I’m pretty much packed. I plan on going into town to get breakfast then head out to Lizard Head Pass, a mountain pass in the San Juan Mountains that’s over 10,000 feet. I’ll have to ride over 60 miles to Dolores today. Sarah is a late sleeper but she can ride up hills. Hopefully she’ll catch up with me on the road or else we’ll meet at the Warmshowers host’s place in Dolores.