The Enlightenment - A Poem

The Enlightenment

Man is born

Man dies

It's all vanity.

When will we be enlightened?

Will everyone must eat the magic mushroom?

Or smoke some weed

Or eat some funny gummies

Or drink the alcohol

Or inject some vaccine

Or take the prescribed medication

that some pharmaceutical corporation made

with their research money funded by the government

who collected your taxes

that has then funded colleges and universities

that had you employed

at $20,000 per year

or $10 an hour

so that the vaccine

is free




not for

the rest of the world?

When will you be enlightenment?

When you realize that the music you're listening to was a CD that

was taken - or rather, borrowed - from the library

then ripped onto your computer

[All free]?

The artist didn't get paid.

But you're not the artist

who created the music.

You STOLE the music

so that you can listen to it

so that you might hear a song

that you would want to learn

on your guitar.

All Free.

So that one day you might become the artist who gets your music stolen?

When will I be enlightened?

When I realize that money is imaginary

like something fake

such as the Fuck Company

or Fake Company

that Ai Weiwei founded

in China

for this art business

that hired/fired other artists

to execute

his drawings,

his sculptures,

and his plans

so that Ai Weiwei himself

can earn even more money

while collecting donations

from other Chinese people

for his fine

from the Chinese government

that thought Ai Weiwei was avoiding taxes

when China is a Communist country

that promised its people about how great Communism is,

just like United States of America

that promised its people how great their Democracy is

until I found out they are both different sides to the same coin?

When will He realize enlightenment?

That He is not God.

God doesn't exist except in name only.

We are all gods

with a lowercased G.

We can choose to create and/or destroy

and we do create/destroy on a regular basis.

When will we all reach enlightenment?

When we eat that food

that contains the chemicals

that nourish our bodies and minds

or maybe the chemicals that was produced by mankind

(but there's nothing kind about man)

but his intent was good

[or rather His intent?]

Yes, our intents were good

by putting chemicals into our food supply

to produce the food faster

or maybe to produce more of the food

at a cheaper cost

and at a cheaper price

to the consumers

who are us

who is you and you is me

so that I can 



wake up

go to work

sit in front of a computer for 40 hours (actual number is fewer) per week

5 days a week

50 weeks in a working year

for 40 years

maybe more (that'll be torture)

or less.

"Man is born, man lives, man dies

And it's all vanity."

Welcome to the Enlightenment.