Streets of West Oak Lane

Taking a walk at sunset around my neighborhood, I feel very blessed to be alive. In terms of human history we are very lucky to live in this day and age. I feel we have all the technology we need to live in comfort. Certainly we have progressed but how much is enough?

Right now I’m using my smart phone to write this post and I used the same device to captured the scenery just about an hour ago. What a wonderful experience to use this technology. I’m so grateful to be alive today. And to know that tomorrow will only be better is a joy to be hold.

Today’s feature image is my street that I live on in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. For more photos I took today visit my Instagram.

Atlantic City

I spent the weekend in Atlantic City. I was there a long time ago, maybe still in high school. The place is a tourist trap. A bad one at that. Even though there weren’t a lot of people some of the buildings looked rundown. Food was expensive for the most part. But I did find a gyro place that’s pretty good called Bill’s Gyro. Above is a picture I took on the north end of the boardwalk looking at the Atlantic Ocean. More photos of my trip can be seen on my Instagram. Enjoy!

Wonders in Nature

Took another walk today around my neighborhood. Surprisingly there are still a lot of plant life. I was fascinated with the decaying and the living. I’m most proud of this photograph with the bee and the flower. Can’t believe these workers are still working in October! For more photos visit my Instagram.