The Shop is Now Open

Recently, I’ve been editing and posting some photographs in the Shop link. They are among the best photos I’ve taken in the travel and nature categories.

All photographs that I’m selling are high resolution digital downloads with “all media usage,” which means you can do whatever you want with my photographs. You can print them out and frame them, or use them as desktop wallpaper, or print them on coffee mugs, or use them in advertisements, etc. I’m giving you the full right to use the photographs.

I think $149 is a great price for a photograph since you can use the image however you want. I’m giving you the ultimate freedom as a consumer.

The method of payment is PayPal because it’s a secure payment system for many internet companies. If you want to purchase by credit card or use other types of payment just send me a message under Contact.

There are many more photographs in my portfolio that I would like to pick out and re-edit. It’ll take some time for me to sort everything and post them in the Shop, but I plan on posting one picture per day on average. So stop by often!

Author: Hiatt Zhao

I'm a photographer, a web application developer, an explorer, and a creator, who is possessed by some sort of wanderlust.

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